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Age Doesn’t Have to be a Thing

THIS DUDETTE GOT HER FIRST ELECTRIC GUITAR AT AGE 41!!!! I know I’m no beacon of light or possibilities to anyone. But if maybe, just MAYBE, by being loud and proud about getting my first electric guitar in my 40’s, someone somewhere out there might just not feel so embarrassed about deciding to chase a…


Don’t get down on yourself today. Give yourself a little give today. You don’t have to master anything today. You don’t even have to master trying, today. You know what? Today just might not be your day. We all have those days. Most people don’t have too many of those days back-to-back, others do. I’ve…

Keep Going

Sometimes, after another health event, someone will say: I don’t know how you keep going. I’d just like to clarify something, and that is … Sometimes I don’t think I can.