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Strength & Point Video

Here’s a little video of me doing some recent strength and point practice. Pretty boring stuff, but I’m just trying to keep doing things. Have an absolutely AWFUL chest flu right now, so being able to pop up some posts and videos etc. is a lovely thing to be able to do. Here’s the link…

Fight The Silly Fight

Can’t do much at the moment, fighting off a five day migraine which is now morphing into the flu my kids have had for a couple of weeks. So thought I’d just share this piece of me being totally silly a while back, because I want to fight the good fight of getting rid of…


Hey there, every blog needs that first break-the-ice post, so I’m putting out this super awkward itty bitty post, to get that first one out of the way. The next one will be better. I promise 😉👍🏼 2018balletbeautifulchronicchronic illnesscontentdancedreamsfitnessgorgeoushappyhealthinspirationinspirelifelivingloveMindfulness,passionPOTStoolswellnesswonderful